Lockdown week 4

Week four of UK lockdown and things are starting to feel somewhat surreal. A beautiful sunny weekend, yet not allowed to be out… everything seemingly quiet, yet grim news on TV. Still, it is important we continue and it is often the little things can keep us going. The findings and observations from last week.

  • We have started shouting at our neighbours… and yes, they shout back…all nicely… it is the only chance to have a conversation these days
  • Online video calls are working really well, at work and at home. Online piano lessons, exercise, cooking and even yoga can continue. Still looking for rock climbing…!
  • Youtube, Webinars, and online-ed really have some great content… you can attend conferences, talks, and plays, without travelling. I do hope this is a new trend.. lots to learn (check out National Theatre, Ri… if you have time…but, not Baby Shark).
  • After 3 weeks… actually wore a freshly ironed shirt for a video call… it felt good to be a bit smarter… but my suit and the cats, will still never come into contact!
  • Lastly, in a moment of weakness, I did buy the largest chocolate bar I could find online…. I think it may have been a mistake.

Sending good thoughts to all… and thanks to essential workers… Stay safe everyone…. @chris_w_tweet

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