April 10, 2020: Weekly roundup

Another busy week this week for most folks and it feels like the frenetic pace of the last few weeks has not let up…. this is the roundup for the week.

Most people thankfully seem to be now either working from home or if still in the office now using social distancing to minimize risk (with some return to work from self-isolation).

This week has also been a lot of focus on making system changes which have now largely been started & underway to reflect payment holidays and treatment changes for customers (FCA unsecured changes also this week too). This is all good news and amazing the speed at which it has all occurred.

Thoughts now are turning to exit plans, or at least normalization plans, towards the end of the 3 months… this does have to stabilize and normalize at some point.

Segmentation and data (enhanced data if possible), is also a key new discussion, with importance for evidence, control and enabling the best course of action. The impact on modelling and whether existing scorecards will still be predictive, together with potential asset valuation changes, is all going to be interesting too…. this is one for next week.

Hope everyone has a good long weekend….. @chris_w_tweet

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