Lockdown week 3: Another week in ‘lockdown’

Another interesting week of experience under the ‘official’ lockdown in the UK. This last week seemed more normal or at least routine… albeit long. It was a welcome respite from the dramatic changes the week before.

However there were of course still a few ‘observations’ of note this week… 🙂

  1. We are going to need expanded online storage for my phone with all the funny gifs and videos we have been sent… and yes some of them are really funny
  2. I am definitely now drinking much more tea than coffee… tea uses less milk and milk requires a trip to the supermarket… just need more biscuits!
  3. Am I becoming slightly jealous of Joe Wicks?! (like many husbands…lol). Joe is providing some great daily exercise routines for kids and keeping the rest of the family fit every morning… thank you it is really appreciated…. I need to join in!
  4. My LinkedIn connection criteria definitely feels like it is changing… a tricky one, but in a online world is a virtual meeting as good as a personal one…
  5. With everyone at home.. electricity and energy usage at home is going up… I can see it on the smart meter… need to turn that kettle off!
  6. Lastly on video calls, I need to remember you are always on screen… even looking at that spreadsheet or document… think I forgot a few times this week, to much hilarity…

Another week starts…

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