Lockdown week 5: End of week 4 & starting to feel normalised.

Observations from last week.

  • The initial reaction and shock from the first few weeks seems to have faded somewhat, and saw some more normal BAU activity recommence… however, still expecting to see more economic impacts feeding through this week
  • Working from home really seems to create a lot more time in the day… without the commute… and I don’t think any of us are missing it… I heard an estimate this week was this could create over 50days of extra leisure time for us each year… great news
  • At home, we have now waded into the field of hairdressing. After proposing I learn some new skills from YouTube, there has been a revolt ‘… you are NOT cutting my hair… you have never been in a hairdresser’… fun times ahead!
  • Talking of YouTube I also stumbled on a video on how to make alcohol from toilet paper, this week… fascinating science, but maybe the wrong use of what has become a vital resource
  • Lastly, I am definitely seeing my neighbours more… we are all around… has been nice to have more of a local community about

Fingers crossed for better pandemic numbers this week… thanks again to all working hard to keep us safe and in essential services.

Have a good week everyone @chris_w_tweet

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