Week 27: The plugged in cyborg

What seemed like a quiet end of last week appears to have taken quite a turn over the weekend with rumors of a centralised approach for COVID payment holiday collection, what sounds like some AML control issues and more talk of negative interest rates again. Crikey… more developments this week no doubt… but before we get there, these are the observations for last week.

  • I have got so used to wearing earphones for video calls all the time, I realised I am now starting to feel improperly dressed without them… it just feels more comfortable to have them in all day… even when not on a call… is this how we start to become cyborg, I wondered?
  • On video calls, the importance of appearance seems to be coming back (and lighting with autumn approaching)… ironed shirts, shaving all starting to return… what’s next… stage make up?
  • Workwise, digital servicing and approach to customer treatment, were all themes last week, especially with the expected volume increase… this is one that just continues to rumble on.

Let’s see how this week plays out… have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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