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Weekly roundup: 24 Sept 2020

This week we saw the latest numbers update on the CBILS and BBLS financial support schemes. It now totals over £53bn in financial support.

With the schemes running down, thoughts are now turning to what happens next and how this will be managed, especially for those businesses in financial difficulty.

Then towards the end of the week was saw Rishi Sunak also detailed plans for extended support, to replace the furlough scheme. This is due to wind up next month and although it does offer help for some, it is not a full replacement.

The economy is undoubtedly changing before our eyes… with more local lockdowns, restrictions varying by location, this is all starting to seem very complicated… process flexibility is going to become an ever more important trend it feels.

In other related economic news, many of the familar themes also continued this week too.

On a more upbeat note, some interesting science on potential life in the clouds of Venus. The science team was also interviewed on the Sky at Night, and very kindly referenced the late Carl Sagan who hypothesized this idea in his book/series Cosmos…the idea they have now discovered to be correct. It was great to be able to see a long arc story and congratulations to the discovery team… looking forward to the deadalus starship now…!

Have a good weekend everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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