Week 28: Meeting new expectations

This last week was a whirlwind, and obviously with various economic support and lockdown changes announced last week things are going to change again… and soon. Still, these are the observations for the week.

  • Nearly everyone I spoke to last week, who was working, seemed to explain just how busy they were. Online working it seems is clearly ratcheting up the workload and speed of delivery across the board for many people… they are working hard… just hope this translates to more business for folks really
  • I had my first face to face meeting, since lockdown too… it was great to be out and the coffee shop was busy, very busy… clearly some local businesses are doing well which is good to see.
  • However, all this highlighted not only just how efficient online meetings are, with no travel time you can fit more in, but conversely how face to face meetings can also make a huge difference, relationship-wise… there is a balance there, and maybe a new balance we all need to find.

All this is progress of sorts, just hoping we are not going to have to take too big a step back, what with rising cases again… fingers crossed

Have good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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