Wait and see

If I was to describe this last week it would be filed under the theme of digital treatment and preparedness.

It feels the world is now planning for a crash in October, with associated surge in delinquency volume… albeit with some views we may not see this peak until March.

Technology is being viewed as a key area to help with investments are being made and accelerated, which is resulting in pressures on delivery resource capacity too…. it is a busy time.

The economy is changing and with us clearly heading into a second wave of the pandemic there is still considerable uncertainty.

However the economic change now increasingly feels set… this is how things will be for the medium term and companies are adjusting and reacting to the new environment. It is all feeling more inevitable yet a change in slow motion.

And with a new lockdown almost upon us, you can also start to feel the impact on our collective mental health.

A collective sense of ‘oh not again’ and with the cancellation of half term holidays/halloween/bonfire night, I get the sense of ‘not much to look forward too until Christmas’ is starting to creep in… the sales have started already.

So as I sat there on Friday night, drink in hand, slouching on the sofa, with a packet of crisps, I stumbled on Joe Wicks’ lastest heartfelt message urging me to do the opposite and get active… it was good advice and well timed. So this is the resolution this weekend!

Key reads below… have a good weekend everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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