Week 29: Having things to look forward to…

With a very wet and rainy weekend, it has started to feel as if autumn has really started to settle in. Observations for this week

  • I have been finding plucky rogue courgettes in the garden the last few weeks, but sadly they are no more… just like summer they are now being missed.
  • … and what with the gloomy weather too and a potential return to lockdown, it feels as if we need something to look forward to… apparently Christmas and holiday shopping has already started… no doubt I will still run out of time… but am going to have a good run at it this year.
  • Workwise, it was still busy and sometimes I am not quite sure where the time goes… when you get to the end of the day and find yourself closing the windows and pages you opened at the start of the day… it was one of those… hopefully next week calms down a little

… stay safe everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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