Fake commutes and twinkies

A few things caught my eye this week as we all wrestled with the fact that it is looking like lockdown will continue and we enter a second wave.

First, was the changing nature of work, and how it seems we are moving towards a more blended style of working.
A few days at home, a few in the office, seems increasingly common, with some people opting for long commutes from the countryside rather than permanent city centre living…. with rental prices declining in major cities… everything is linked.

When working from home, our typical commute time has been dramatically reduced… from about an hour to 5mins… if you really walk slowly!
This of course gives more time for work, however as the pandemic has lengthened so has the realisation that this time that can be grabbed back. Hence the rise of the fake commute…. a time to mentally change gears, separate home and work life and not to mention maybe get in a bit of exercise…. an interesting trend.

Elsewhere, story of challenges in the fintech sector continue. This week it was the turn of P2P lending, with customers struggling to withdraw invested money.
Investing in loans does of course have common complications in terms of waiting for end of term or replacement investors for money to be released… I suppose this is the advantage large banks and banking in general has… these are getting highlighted in times like these it feels.

An finally, my favourite story of the week, is about the indestructible twinkie, and how its gradual decomposition was new to science… I knew there was a reason I left them somewhere!

Have a good weekend eveyone…@chris_w_tweet

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