Good morning – Mr Grumpy

It was all Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, in the news here this week and lockdown restrictions are all starting to get a little confusing, to be honest. This being said with cases and hospital admissions now increasing, we do all need to take care …. observations for this week.

  • With new restrictions being discussed, I have been suffering from lockdown fatigue… it is not just the length of lockdown or missing summer holidays, but now the little events… birthday parties, bonfire night or halloween… I realise how much these can help to keep me cheery and they are now not there… still mince pies are in the shops… so I suppose that is something…!
  • This week I also really noticed how I am getting up in the dark again… mainly because it was just so hard to get up… hopefully, I get used to it soon as is making for a bleary-eyed, start to the day… a sure sign of Autumn
  • Workwise, everyone I have been speaking with is reporting increasing work volumes. We are all heads down, in preparation for the next few months and future it feels…

Stay safe everyone…have a good week… @chris_w_tweet

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