Week 30: Does time speed up when less happens?

A new full lockdown really seemed to be impending this weekend… what with cases rising and regional restrictions already in place.

However it is also thanksgiving this weekend in Canada, a good reminder to be more thankful for what we have… so enough gloom… there is still plenty that is good in the grand scheme of things…

Observations for the week.

  • With the economy having started up again so it seems has rushing around… & I have discovered fast(er) food again… it is just so convenient… it has not been so great for the waistline mind you..!
  • Everything definitely does also feel more routine now… a new normal maybe… but time also seems to be passing faster… maybe it is because there is less change… not sure if that is good or not!
  • Workwise, the digital solution theme continues. New regulatory guidance also keeps popping up (a few areas last week)… flexibility and planning feels important now.

Have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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