Out of sight, out of mind…the boxes that need a home

Chatting with a neighbour this weekend, we both commented on how this year feels to have passed so quickly. At times it has felt slow, but looking back the year now seems to have flown by. I think it is the lack of variety, especially lately… hopefully, this changes with the end of year holidays… observations this week.

  • Mid-week I found myself, trying to put my glasses on top of the second set I was already wearing… I am not sure what has happened with lockdown, but I think I need a new prescription?!
  • With all the video calls we are all becoming familiar with people’s home offices now… even had a couple of appearances from cats this week… Now, I have strategically placed boxes of stuff (piled in a corner out of sight) and as this seems to be getting more permanent, it needs to find a home.. sounds like a year-end home project!
  • Workwise, I have really become inspired by a couple of discussions on the use of future tech.. seems we are mainly automating what we already do, but with the crisis, there really is an opportunity to completely reinvent processes… we will seem more of this in the new year I reckon.

Have a good week everyone… @chris_w_tweet

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