Click and Collect – going off my trolley

We have all been locked in for a few weeks now and it’s clear we are all getting a bit stir crazy. Out walking everyone is just so friendly these days, stopping for a chat or say hello. It is superior to the sullen slumber we are normally in, so no complaint really. I just hope it lasts. Observations for this week.

  • After nearly a year of pandemic, this week, I realized my fond memories of Pain-Au-Raisin at Pret are quickly becoming a distant memory. I am now starting to get a bit of melancholy mind you, all the businesses from the life that was, still there but still closed. Hopefully, we are back soon, in the meantime homemade baking rules!
  • I have now become a dab hand at supermarket click and collect shopping. Drive-in, pick up, all done. This week, watching everyone still struggling with trolleys, I wondered why it’s not more popular, it’s just so easy.
  • Workwise, everything is getting intense again; calls on Zoom, Teams, Skype, communicating on Slack, WhatsApp, Messenger, Signal, Telegram and a new one for me this week Kaizala from Microsoft. There must be a limit, I am starting to run out of space on the desktop. Who would have thought we would be thinking about the phone as ‘old school’. Ah the good old days!

Have a good week everyone…

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