Un-lockdown v 2.0

Finally, it feels as if things are looking up; Pandemic case numbers are down, the vaccine reached 20m 1st doses, schools due to return & this weekend was positively spring-like. Inevitably discussion is now turning to what will happen next.

Soon it will have been nearly a year since we started this new ‘lockdown’ way of living. Some things have been positive, some definitely not. This week it was a debate about the return to the office.

  • Not many people miss the commute & many find remote working much more efficient… not to mention handy for those Amazon deliveries.
  • However relentless video calls can be exhausting and there is a social side to work too, grabbing a coffee, catching up, both better in the office… plus Pret a Manger sandwiches!
  • Lastly, circumstances at home. Those with families at home or more space like the flexibility than those if different cicumstances.

It is all quite polarised and polarising, with plenty of strong opinions and lines being drawn in the sand.

So on reflection, with more change in the air, maybe now is the time to relish our remaining time in the current configuration. Let’s make the most of its best features before all the rushing round starts again. Time to put the kettle on…!

Have a good week everyone.

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