The Art of Digital

There was quite a bit in the news this week, what with the budget in the UK and the imminent start of relaxation of restrictions in the UK. Most of us here are hoping that this is the last lockdown and things now start to return to normal.

The impact from, what has been a massive change in the economy, can be seen, however. Many of us have adapted to what is a more digitally-driven lifestyle, something that was always mooted, but now much more of a reality. The realization that this works and created new habits for many of us.

Internationally, the COVID pandemic picture is different by region and market. Some, by nature of early, tough action, so far have remained less impacted, others are now starting to see the impact of new variants, some of which have already been in places like the UK already.

What is evident, however, in talking with people from all around the world (one of the wonders of video calls these days), is just how many people think that their country has handled the situation poorly, especially in comparison to other countries. Perspective is everything and it seems no-one is happy.

We cannot of course all be right. It is all a very messy picture and one we need to all pull together to get everyone back to a sense of normality as soon as possible!

Below are some key stories from the week…. have a good weekend everyone

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