Saying a lot by saying nothing

This last week was busy, juggling a few priorities, trying to keep on top of things. How we managed all this when we were commuting to the office, travelling to clients, and running the evening taxi service for family, now seems a complete mystery. However a sense of anticipation is starting to build, a return to normal, soon it feels.

Still some observations for the week.

  • I was in a shop this week and actually used cash… remember that? Even buying/selling secondhand clothes for school – cash is not preferred these days it seems. Amazing how things have changed in only a year.
  • Over lockdown, YouTube seems to have become a necessity too. It never ceases to amaze me the volume and quality of information that is available, and just how advanced some of the schooling is… a long way from my Casio FX-82B (which was exciting at the time, honest!).
  • Workwise, I had a pretty interesting conversation about silence… it reminded me that it is not only what is said, but what is not said and indeed how it is not said that can be important… metadata indeed.

More developments this week no doubt, have a good week everyone.

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