Staycation, Vacation

With the summer holidays upon us, international travel has once again been difficult and as a result, there has been an incentive to holiday more locally.

Sometimes it is easy to overlook some great spots on your doorstep, and staying local is probably not such a bad thing for the environment, so this could be the year.

With 18 months of ‘always connected, always on’ remote working, this is a good time to take a bit of a break, and certainly judging by the traffic on Friday night, most of the country seemed to be thinking the same.

The challenge. With 4G and local mobile network coverage, everything is just a click away… however we must stay strong.

So with website updates on pause, a change will hopefully help to be ready to return, refreshed in a few week’s time. (with a few new observations now doubt).

Have a good summer break everyone.

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