How AI improved my holiday and can change the way we talk (for the better)

Last week I was off on holiday in Scotland. It was an opportunity to relax, reflect on things, have too much tea and cake, with some walking in between.

Having spent the last few weeks experimenting with ChatGPT, this of course also came on holiday with me too, consisting largely of demonstrating the capabilities to those that haven’t seen it yet… (it really is like magic).

Playing with ChatGPT: Poems and Creativity

A small but fun example was creating a daily poem based on specific events in the day. They were not great, but also really not bad, and a bit of a laugh in the car on the way home.

However in the process of generating these poems, and getting these to actually reflect events, it called attention to the detail in the language required to prompt the correct response. The design proved to be sometime tricky, needing real precision in places, especially to get right.

The Importance of Precision in Language

This experience with ChatGPT poems illustrated the need for this care with language, and this is not only in AI interaction, but also in real-life communication too.

Good communication relies on clarity and being specific. It is something I know I personally don’t always get right personally all of the time… and when it goes wrong miscommunication can create all sorts of confusion and wasted effort.

In order to use ChatGPT and other generative chat programmes, in the future we are all going to need to learn how to ask and provide instructions precisely… prompt engineering… to get the responses we need (this is much like we have had to do with search… (think about how you interact with the search bar to get answers quickly in Google or Bing for example).

Will this therefore provide the practice we need to help improve our everyday communication too?

The Impact of Poor Communication

Poor communication is a common frustration in many aspects of life, including professional settings. It can lead to dissatisfaction, high employee turnover, and a lack of direction within a company.

So by employing AI tools like ChatGPT, we may not only create better content but also enhance the way we interact with each other too.

Back to reality

So a couple of observations from the short break, with some insights into the potential of ChatGPT and the importance of precise language in communication.

It’s a fascinating reminder that technology can have a profound impact on our lives, even when we least expect it.

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